The Hazardous Substances Calculator will help you create an inventory and work out what key requirements you need to meet, based on the hazardous substances you use, handle, manufacture and store at your workplace.

Before using the calculator for the first time you should make a list of all your hazardous substances. It may be helpful to use the Workbook for this. Once your list is complete, enter the details into the calculator to work out what key controls you need in place.

The information you include in the calculator is private and no one else has access to that information including WorkSafe. Each inventory you start is assigned a unique PIN so that you can update your inventory in future.

Click here for a quick guide to use the Hazardous Substances Calculator to create an inventory of the substances in your workplace and find out the majority of controls that apply to them. Alternatively watch one of the videos by clicking them below.

What it is and how it helps Creating an inventory Getting the most out of it Evaluating your use

Search for a substance

Search for substances allows you to enter a combination of substances and view their controls while not generating a permanent inventory.

For an approved substance - enter the HSNO approval number or name
For a substance you have mixed or blended on site - enter "Manufactured on site"
For hazardous waste – enter "Hazardous waste"
For a non-hazardous substance - enter "Non-hazardous"

Important Note

Please record this PIN number for future use, or send the PIN to your email address by clicking "Email PIN" button above.