Your Health

Hazardous substances are bad for your health and can kill you. Slowly.

Different people may react differently. So if you feel unwell when you are working with hazardous substances tell someone about it.

If you aren't comfortable telling your boss, you can start by telling your doctor.

Make sure you also tell them about your work and the substances you use.

Common effects from breathing in hazardous substances include: headaches, forgetfulness, drowsiness, feeling dizzy and sick, feeling irritable and grumpy, sore eyes, sore skin.

When you breathe in hazardous substances time and time again, they can cause sleep disorders, memory loss, cancer, damage to your internal organs like the liver and kidneys, damage to an unborn child, fertility problems and even death.

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Hazardous substances can get into your body three ways:


When you use liquid hazardous substances at work they are often also in gas form in the air you breathe. You may not know the gas is there as it often has no smell.


If you get hazardous substances on your skin they can go through your skin and get into your blood. Once in your blood they cause damage as the blood moves around your body.

Swallowing Them

Hazardous substances can be swallowed if you eat or smoke without washing your hands after using them.

Watch the animations below for key safety messages.

  • Long-Term health Damage